Spank the Bride

This story is dedicated to my Master Anakin for Valentine’s Day, 2006. Thank you for being my Valentine, Master. You are my one and only true love.
Love padme xoxoxo
Copyright © 2006 Padme - Journey to the Darkside

Spank the Bride

His proposal had stayed with her, struck at her heart, made her unable to focus on anything else. She could only hear the syllables of his words as they fell upon her ears like music in the twilight. He had told her in the clearest, most steadfast voice she had ever heard, “You’ll be making this choice, your last unfettered choice before you accept. Understand it, consider all it implies. When you accept my marriage proposal, you will also be accepting the contract before you that I’ve penned, this Total Power Exchange agreement. Are you ready to give up everything in you former life, to set aside all that you’ve known, to be reborn, for Me?”

He had wanted this for years; he knew it was what would be best for both of them. He warned her of what it would be like once she married him. But was she prepared to give it all up for him? She pondered, looking out onto the horizon, the darkness chasing away the sunlight in the last moments of the day, the first moments of the night. She would take his name, and be his faithful wife, but also his slave. Their wedding day and night would signify that she was his. She would agree to accept his role as Head of the Household. She would agree to this taken in hand marriage where he chose to make all decisions and take all responsibilities. Her role was as his slave. She would agree to a the domestic discipline, to the teachings he set forth to make them both achieve more of their potential. There was that yearning in her heart. More. She wanted more.

Andrew knew his fiancée well, Nadean was a Daddy’s girl: a blonde bombshell who liked to tease and flirt and wiggle her ass to try to get her way. A real brat and one that constantly needed attention and spankings. Nadean was starting to enjoy the spankings almost a little too much. She never had enough. He wanted more. He wanted to control more with her. He told her for years that he was waiting for the moment she would give into him, and as he said it, admit what was truest in her heart, and marry him and become his slave.

He planned their wedding in 6 weeks time. So much preparation, but he was up to the task. The perfectionist in him stayed up many nights, making sure everything was beautiful, significant, ceremonial, magical, and meaningful. So much searching, for the perfect decorations and touches and vows.

A week before their wedding he sat her down late one night, and reiterated that marrying him would mean that she would truly become his, forsaking all others. He would have her to sign a contract on their wedding night to join their union forevermore, that no law could circumvent nor even death disallow.

From the first moment of her accepting his proposal, she was to wear his first wedding present. A chastity belt. He told her she would be denied the pleasure of touching herself or orgasm until they were married; six eternally long weeks. She regularly gave him his blow job’s, often naked, but for the chastity belt, for which he wore the key around his neck, but she would be made to truly suffer and show how much she truly wanted to become his slave. She would serve him on her knees night after night with no release. He was testing her. Teaching her. Making sure she truly understood what would happen after their wedding. She was handing over total control to him. Andrew would control every thing in their lives, not just the bedroom, but all aspects of her life and time. This was the one true thing; she knew she wanted this, even if she was apprehensive.

He was nearly done planned the wedding of her dreams. He had many special plans arranged for his bride. By the time of the stag party she was truly suffering from the denial. Merely walking would almost make her cum. Nadean was going with her friend Monica to her stagette. He told her for this she would have to get a big spanking before going out; that she would remember to behave, and that while she might think of it as a last night of freedom, that that was not the case. Her freedom would come after they were married, and that this was instead the last night of her slavery to responsibility, to life, to the rest of the world. He used his big hands and put her right over his knee for this grounding attention. He spanked her little ass hard and firm, lecturing her to “Enjoy her slavery, and to savor the anticipation, live in the moment, and that he would be waiting up for her when she got home at 2 am curfew. She writhed and wiggled and tried to kick, but he held her firm and thundered down on her virginal cheeks. She was suffering as well in her pulsing wetness that came with the spanking; he could smell her sex and spanked even harder. She cried out several times having a hard time staying still, half trying to escape, half wishing that the squirming would enduce a spontanius, utterly explosive orgasm. She did neither escape nor come, of course. He would have his way, now and forever.

Nadean was too horny; it was overwhelming. At the neon lit club she felt the base vibrate through her and she felt as if the loud music might make her tingle and come. She was getting liquored up and begged to strip for Monica and her other friends or anyone who wanted to watch. She kissed Monica passionately and screamed over the music, “Fuck I’m horny!” Under the strobe lights, gyrating on the dance floor with her girlfriends, she was the star of the show, a shining star soon to be captured, reveling in leaving behind the past, in that moment in time when you can touch the future.

She chased down the waiter and wanting to fuck him. Screaming out to him “Please, Sir, cum back and fuck me!” She laughed and giggling like a school girl. Monica was shocked to see this side of Nadean. Nadean is a true Russian and can get very wild when the vodka comes out. Monica kept buying her shot after shot and they were going down faster than a bullet. She pounded them back. The world was getting blurry and started to move frame by frame. Nadean was talking to strangers about things she shouldn’t be. “Loose lips sink ships, Nadean!” Monica suggested.

“Spank spank spank, that’s all I said. Fuck I wish I could get laid!” Some of the friend’s left after that and Monica went upstairs to try to find Nadean some coffee. She decided to phone Andrew from the stag party. She got him on his cell phone.“I’m being a bad girl, Daddy.”

“How are you, Nadean?” he said as she burped from the vodka and 7-up she had in her hand. Truly she couldn’t help it. She was so horny after the weeks of denying her and she couldn’t stand it anymore. She started to get mouthy. The last of her was resisting the absolute control that was about to face her tomorrow. She was a little scared.

She got mouthy and told Andrew off. “I don’t care. I’m not coming home tonight. I’m going to stay up and stay out and be a bad bad girl and go find me a woman or man to fuck. I’m so fucking wet.” Andrew had enough of her slutty talk and attitude. “When I see you at home you’re going to get it so bad on your ass, slave. I will teach you the meaning of submission, of respect, through suffering. You will regret your words and come to realize what a mistake it is to be disrespectful. You will not cum. I will tease you and torment you and truly make your pussy need it like it’s never needed it before. You will sign you contract tomorrow after our wedding and become my wife and I will give you the first spanking as my slave and wife.

She got nervous and bit her lip. She had never had a really big spanking from him before. Mostly it was play or foreplay. Sometimes the belt would hurt or his hand would spank hard but she knew that she could stop it, and she knew it was light and mostly playful. Monica arrived and helped Nadean she staggered to Monica’s car, saying little but giving her a wet kiss thank you as she got in the car.

“You happy, Nadean?” she asked as they drove off.

“I’m nervous, but you know” she slurred, “I DO want this. I’m gonna be so…” and then she passed out for the rest of the drive home.

She came home and woke up as Monica opened her door to let her out. She adjusted her short skirt that rode way up and stumbled in the door at 3 am, drunk and hopelessly horny. “Please don’t spank me, Daddy. I didn’t mean to mouth off. I’m drrrrrrunk.” He showed her little if any emotion except disappointment as he carried her up the stairs to their bedroom.

He laid her like a ragdoll across the bed, took down her panties and jeans and exposed her ass for some attention. She looked at him and then hiccupped.

“Sorry?” she said softly. She knew that belt well. She had it cross her ass many times for play and fun. It made her horny and made her give him better blow jobs and made her feel centered. She heard it hiss out of the loops and hearing the buckle jingle in his hands as he turned her over and started to lay it into her. Her ass got red as it came down again and again and again. She tried several times to cover her ass and protect it and the belt would hit her hands. “Ouch, Daddy! Pleeeease don’t spank me. Owwwie! I’m sorry!” He told her it would be 40 with his belt but he added 20 more strokes for the moving around during the spanking. He punished her with anger and showed her a side of him she had never seen before. He spanked her and fingered her to wetness and need but still no release.

It was pure punishment. He tucked her in and held her as she started to fall asleep. He said “You shouldn’t say spank so much in public, My Nadean.” She was confused, worried. “How…,” she started, but he added, “I enjoyed watching you on the dance floor with your girlfriends. I will be your teacher, and your angel to watch over you. Now sleep for me.” And she quickly did.

He wanted her rested and in a certain space for their wedding day. He had done up the TPE agreement and had her read it many times. She knew her fate. This would be a new chapter in her life. She awoke horny, nervous, but confident about her decision to becoming his absolutely. She loved him as no other. She felt a connection to her true soul mate like no other man. He would be giving her an incredible life with so many memories to come. The orgasm denial was making her so frustrated and she was constantly wet and so needy of him. She hoped the wedding night would cum fast.

Their wedding was incredible. He made her childhood dreams come true. She was treated like a princess. Andrew knew what Nadean wanted in her heart; family and friends being there for them to see them join their lives. For Andrew and Nadean it was different though. A union as Master and slave, a secret shared. He looked deeply into her soul that day. Even his hands felt different on her body. The way he looked at her like he owned her which in a few hours he would. She felt like the canary about to be caged for life. She was more excited in those few hours before their wedding night than any other day in her life. He looked brilliantly dominant in his black suit and slicked back hair. The day was perfect, scattered sun and powder blue sky. A perfect day to wed and feel the power of the earth and life itself. Soon the couple left for their wedding night as the sun began to sink into the Western seas.

They said little on the way to the hotel, a couple hours into the mountains, away from the world, into their own. Each was deep in thought of the days events and the events to come; absorbing the significance of the day.

Nadean was grew nervous knowing what was going to come next. She would be signing the TPE agreement; she was already his wife, and would soon agree to be his forever, his slave, for life. She would surrender her control, her pride, all her sins. He was intense with her that day. His voice was different. He looked at her different. She saw an intense man who knew ownership and power.

They went up to their room and he carried her across the threshold. They kissed with passion and anticipation. He grabbed her firmly, looked deeply into her eyes and told her “You’re mine. You obey me now. You have one last decision to make and that is to sign the contract. It is my final proposal to you, my bride.” There was a moment of silence. She looked down, unable to look into the vastness of his eyes. She could feel his power in the silence.

He started to open their wedding gifts and told her to get comfortable. Nadean wandered around the room, looking out the window out to the lake and mountains around them. She walked as if trying on a new velvet robe of marriage, and submission. He had arranged for the honeymoon suite in the hotel and it had all the finest of linens and a hot tub. He opened the gifts meticulously, and she took a dip in the hot tub. He watched her very intensely as she took off her wedding dress and then bra and white stockings and white cotton panties.

She could feel him watching her. Undressing her with his eyes. A look so intense as one that could penetrate her soul. She blushed slightly even though he had seen her naked dozens of times. She got into the hot tub and let the hot water ease her feet which were sore from her tight high heels. And her body eased into the water relaxing and watching him watching her. He was opening the gifts and he would look up at her and not say a word but smile. He was still fully dressed as she came out of the water and he handed her a dry towel. “Stay naked, slave” he told her. She came out of the tub and went over to the King Size bed. “You will stay naked in front of me for the signing of our union as Master and slave. There will be no more hiding. You can make a choice not to sign it right now and I will accept this and we can go on as we were doing with our D/s, or you can chose to sign it and become my 24/7 TPE slave. It is my final proposal; my wedding gift to you. Nadean read over the contract closely. Trying to make sure she understood what she was signing. She took a moment, a pause, a long heartbeat, and then signed it. She lifted her eyes from the page and met her Master’s stare. Eyes locked, a powerful moment between them.

With the stroke of the pen she became not only Andrew’s wife but his slave. He told her to go get into her long white virginal lingerie gown that she had gotten as a gift. She would in a sense lose her virginity to him. They would consummate their marriage but also their union as Master and slave. She dressed into the see through gown which made her feel so feminine and sensual. She touched up her make up and hair and put on some nice perfume that he likes. She came out to the room lit with candles and him in his black suit and dominant look in his eyes. He had put on some ethereal, gothic music and guided her by her hand she offered to him towards the bed. He was forceful but romantic with her. Showing her in his strong arms how he was feeling. He laid her down on the bed, dripping with emotion as she spread her drew up her knees and spread her legs.

She was overcome with emotions. How long had it been, she thought! How heavenly! He put her arms over her head and made sure she knew to keep them there with his eyes. “You are now mine, slave. You belong to me. You are my wife and slave,” he said. He disrobed in front of her revealing his very hard cock which was eager for attention from his new property.

He used the one hand to lift up her gown and expose her pussy to his touch. He fingered her deeply and got her excited and wet. She never wanted him so desperately as she did at that very moment. Weeks of build up and no release and the moment of her life changing and bringing her closer to him was so much that she cried tears of joy as he entered her with his cock. He fucked her wet pussy with ownership and power. He told her as he fucked her hard to cum. He looked in her very soul as he said those words “Cum for me, slave” and she had the most amazing orgasm of her life. She slide into a deep subspace and let him control her. Andrew put his hands on her throat in control and power. He kissed and caressed her body all over after he fucked her. He wanted to show how much he was in love with her and how proud he was to possess her. He kissed her pussy and thighs and stomach and breasts. She was squirming in delight. He could bring out the most amazing feelings inside of her.

Then he spanked her that deep night with his hand so hard that her bridal ass was glowing red and hard to sleep on. She did not resist; she wanted nothing more in that moment than to make him proud of her. A spanking on her wedding night. He made sure she knew that he was the Boss and that he would be spanking her from now on if she was not acting appropriately. Her ass glowed like the fire in the fireplace that night. She had thought he would stop several times he was determined to give her a spanking that she would never forget. She was glad for the attention, the love in every stroke as she drifted in her mind out over the lake, the mountains, and into the stars. She felt owned and happy.

Neither could sleep. They lay in bed, Master and slave, until Master said, “I don’t want to miss a moment of my life now that I am with you. Let’s go.” Nadean was going to question, but bit her lip, like she did in the club on her staggette, and then just dressed and followed Him. She would follow him anywhere now.

Out on the beach, as the night breeze rolled across their naked flesh, on the shore of the lake, under the brightest stars they fucked again. In the open, for the world to see, but in the darkness that they loved. They got sand every where, in their clothes, under their fingernails.

It was six AM when they both crawled into the hottub and scrubbed each other clean; he drew open the window in near the hottub, lit some candles, and they enjoyed the mountain breeze and watched the sun come up across the lake. They were one.

The came home to a new type of relationship, a new world, one where she knew that she belonged to him forever.


Blogger lestat said...

a rruly beautiful story padme. There are certain times that not saying much actually says volumes. I truly can't think of anything to say.

A very good valentine gift

10:38 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

I loved this story, the power the emotions. Everything was so loving, but so sexual as well.

I think that this might be the best one yet. I love the way that you wrote about your fears & the interaction between eachother.


10:46 AM  
Blogger padme said...

Thank you lestat and jessie. Your comments mean the world to me. I truly appreciate it. I worked very hard on this story. Took me 3 nights to write it. I tried to put a lot into it. A lot was fantasy but some was real based events which happened to me with my wedding. Thank you to you both...

11:33 AM  
Blogger little one said...

What a truly beautiful story padme! I got SO lost in it. I felt as if it was me that was there. You did an amazing job! What a wonderful valentine's gift for your Master. *big hugs*

4:23 AM  
Blogger emeraldeyes said...

OOOH Padme, thank you for letting me know about this one! I am so glad you did, as I LOVED it...

Just what I envision for our wedding night and prior to ;-)

You are a great writer, thanks for sharing it with us...

Big hugs
Em x

3:37 PM  
Blogger libalipour said...

A wonderful wedding night. I wish that will happen on mine soon.

12:07 AM  

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