A public spanking

A Public Spanking

Copyright © 2006 Padme - Journey to the Darkside

He came home from work early and surprised her. She had no idea it was happening. He told her to change into her naughty school girl outfit and to get the cane, crop and paddle, black blindfold and butterfly vibrator and to put everything into the black bag of toys and to get ready for the night. She was told that he would be pushing her limits and living out one of her fantasies that night.She was nervous but she did as he instructed. He told her to bathe and shave her pussy and get sexy and put on her thong and naughty school girl outfit, stockings, and sexy heels. He wanted her hair down long this time. She got ready in a hurry and came down to him.

He was smiling at her like a cat that caught the canary and he was making her wet and nervous. They got into the car and he instructed her to put on the black blindfold. He wanted her to anticipate and not know where they were heading. She could feel herself getting very wet and excited about the events to come.The drive was long and he put the butterfly vibrator on a low setting so she was suffering sexually but couldn't come. Not yet… She was getting so aroused as she wondered what he had in store for her. She could feel herself getting goose bumps and her heart felt like it was racing. She could feel herself starting to sweat a bit with her excitement. Her breathing increased. Her nipples got erect. He put on the radio and that's all she could hear. Her mind and fantasies were going wild.

The car slowed down and she was instructed to turn off the vibrator and wait until he came around to her side to let her out. He took her by the arm and they walked for a while. She wondered where they were going and who would be there waiting. She was guessing that others would be around.They knocked on a door and then heard voices as the door opened. She did not recognize the voices, which made her even more nervous. She went into the house still blindfolded, and into a room where she could hear many voices.

She felt herself blushing as her school girl outfit was very revealing and she felt like everyone in the room was staring at her."What a beautiful woman," she heard a woman's voice say.A hand felt up her skirt and she could feel a hand on her bottom.She was lead over to the middle of the room and she could hear her husband talking to another man."I want her spanked hard tonight. I will watch you all take turns spanking her," she heard her husband say.She had always wanted this fantasy, but to actually be living this out was almost too much.

Her mind started to spin. She was tied up and the skirt was raised up and her thong pulled down exposing her bottom to the room.She had no idea how many people were in that room or how hard they would be spanking her. She felt safe that her husband was there but so nervous about this situation.

She felt a hand spank her ass a few times.Then she felt the paddle. It was hard and came down on her bottom without mercy. She wasn't sure she could take this spanking. The paddle would stop and then a hand would feel her nipple and pinch it. She felt different hands touching her everywhere."Lovely...just lovely," she heard a man say.She felt a hand pinch her clit and then a finger go into her pussy. Then she felt the crop hit her ass hard.One. Two. Three. Four. Five. The crop kept coming down on her poor behind.

She felt her ass getting red and sore.Then after ten with the crop it stopped, and more hands roamed across her body.She could hear her husband talking to someone about how pleased he was with her taking her spanking. How he knew this was exciting her. He knew she loved this fantasy and even though she was blushing and nervous, she was also very turned on.

Then she felt the cane. She hated the cane. The cane came down on her ass ten times hard. It stung and left vivid red stripes in its wake.But after the cane had thoroughly striped her sweet bottom, she felt a familiar hand gently caressing her. The hand quickly and deftly brought her to an orgasm. She couldn't help herself. She came in spite of herself. She couldn't help herself. She was so aroused.She was let down and the blindfold taken off and then saw her husband, the man who had given her the orgasm. She looked around the room and was told to thank the others for her public spanking. She thanked everyone and her husband then took her home to make mad, passionate love to her.

*** THE END ***


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